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Calling All RDs and Nutrition Health Care Professionals.

Gain confidence and competence.  

Practicing as a competant functional nutritionist requires confidence and a keen comprehension of system biology principles. As the field of nutrition continues to progress forward in medicine, the need for qualified, confident and effective practitioners is paramount. With so much information at your fingertips, you may feel confused and overwelmed at times. Applying new information to clients can be unnerving, especially in private practice. When I first started practicing, I had very few methods and tools to apply the vast amount of information I had learned in school. Nutrition protocols, as it were, were one sized fits all. Protocols in medicine sound reassuring and may be prudent at times, but only to a point. Protocols can lead to complacency. Understanding principles and critical thinking is the road to becoming a successful practitioner.

Does this sound like you? 

  • Do you get stuck with complex clients or are not quite sure where to begin, especially when it comes to lab testing?

  • Are you spending lots of money on great coursework and conferences but are unsure how to apply and implement the concepts?

  • Do you spend lots of time reading that great coursework and still are unsure how to apply the concepts?

  • Is it difficult for you to communicate your approach to physicians or other practitioners, so you end up not communicating?

How do you get the confidence ball rolling? Confidence is a result of preparedness. The truth is you have that confident practitioner in you. You just need exprience and a supportive, clinical ear. I would have loved even just that one experienced someone, with whom I could regularly talk about my clients. My over 25 years of clinical experience in healthcare has now enabled me to develop methods and tools to share with you and a supportive clinical ear. You will have my undivided attention and clinical expertise to support you along the way. I want you to be successful. My mission with Practice Like A Pro Functional Nutrition Coaching is simple—to support you in becoming a confident and competant practitioner, while taking the best from my conventional and functional medicine background.


Practice LiKe A Pro will enable you to:

  • Become a critical thinker with your vast nutrition knowledge.

  • Approach your clients with a methodical, systematic mindset- pull system biology principles together.

  • Become a leader and recognized for your healing and better outcomes with your clients.

  • Increase your revenue because of those better outcomes.

  • Successfully communicate your approach to physicians and other health care practitioners.

  • Master the art of the medical/social/diet history and identifying root causes.

  • Earn 12 CEU’s while learning in a small, live class room setting.

Practice Like A Pro will prepare you to treat any client. I want you to be able to answer, “no” to all of those questions, I just asked you above.

Still curious? Drop me an email or voice mail. I’d love to talk to you.